One part of Roma’s Stories project will be a five days long job shadowing activity. But what is job shadowing?

Job shadowing or work shadowing is a type of on-the-job learning. It may be a part of an onboarding process, or part of a career or leadership development program. Job shadowing involves following and observing another employee who might have a different job in hand, have something to teach, or be able to help the person who is shadowing learn new aspects related to the job, organization, certain behaviors or competencies. Job shadowing helps both parties to learn and exchange ideas. It helps in networking, exploring opportunities, giving/receiving feedback, and collaboration with different departments.


The job shadowing activity of Roma’s Stories consists of a study visit, for five days, organized by the Icelandic organization PROJECTS, that is aimed to offer young Roma people who are already engaged in activities promoting Roma culture, the chance to deploy job shadowing activities and develop skills regarding cultural projects organization, also social and creative industries.

The creative industry refers to anything that is about art, craftmanship, design, fashion, movies, music, art of scene, publishing, publicity, arhitecture, radio, TV, video games, etc.

Based on a competition, there will be selected five participants, who will be able to benefit from this work program. Thus, for five days, the five selected participants will travel to Reykjavik for the study visit. During this stage, the participants will gain extended knowledge and specific abilities regarding cultural event planning, so they will be able to organize and implement projects and programs benefiting the Roma community back at home. Here is also where meetings with different cultural, creative, social or inclusivity associations and organizations are scheduled, in order to promote future collaborations. There will be organized workshops that are designed to help the participants to get and mentain contact with people from creative industry.

Also, the participants will get economical informations which will help them develop their projects. They will have the opportunity to develop and deepen their knowledge and skills regarding topics such as the management of financial and human resources, the management of implementation teams and cultural product development strategy, so that upon their return home the participants will be able to implement and realize events and projects targeting the Roma community.

Who can participate?

This part of the Roma’s Stories project is addressed to young Roma people, age 18-40 having an entrepreneurial spirit, students and individuals who are part of the community and are already involved in the organisation of cultural events for the Roma community or are part of private or public institutions focused on promoting Roma culture. Basic conversational English skills are a must.

So, if you are or know people who can fit into this Job Shadowing program, we invite you to follow our social media posts, and when we publish the start of registrations in this campaign, apply with confidence. Good luck!

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