Job Shadowing



The job shadowing activity consists of a 5-days study visit, organised by the Icelandic partner PROJECTS, and consists of a transfer of know-how regarding the field of cultural projects and the field of creative, social or inclusion industries.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop and deepen their knowledge and skills regarding topics such as the management of financial and human resources, the management of implementation teams and cultural product development strategy, so that upon their return home the participants will be able to implement and realize events and projects targeting the Roma community.

Additionally, planned in this stage are a series of meetings with organizations working in fields such as cultural projects or in creative, social and inclusive industries, in order to develop potential collaborations.

Who is it addressed to?

This part of the ROMA’S STORIES project is addressed to young Roma people, age 18-40 having an entrepreneurial spirit, students and individuals who are part of the community and are already involved in the organisation of cultural events for the Roma community or are part of private or public institutions focused on promoting Roma culture.



They have to be young people, part of the Roma community, with an entrepreneurial spirit, students or individuals, age 18-40 who want to develop skills related to the creative industry and event organisation.


They have to be already involved in artistic activities, active in the area of organising cultural events dedicated to the Roma community or part of public/private institutions with a focus on promoting Roma culture.


Basic conversational English skills are a must.


Rules of participation

Art. 1. This regulation specifies the terms and conditions of implementation.

1.1. The organizers of the Job Shadowing activity within the “Roma’s Stories” project are 23 FILM and Projects Iceland.

1.2. The program takes place on the territory of Iceland, in the capital Reykjavik.

1.3. Participants can take part in this program in September 2023.

1.4. The program period has a duration of 5 days, with daily schedule 10:00-20:00, including breaks.

1.5. There is no fee to participate in this program.

1.6. Meals are provided, as well as transportation (by plane) and accommodation.

Art. 2. To participate in this program, the terms and conditions related to eligibility must be met.

2.1. Within the program, young people of Roma ethnicity between the ages of 18-40 with an entrepreneurial spirit, students and individuals who come from the community and are already involved in the organization of cultural events aimed at Roma or are part of private or public institutions with a focus on on the promotion of Roma culture.

2.2. Future participants will be selected as follows:

– future participants must mandatorily meet the age and ethnicity conditions mentioned in art. 2.1.

– the future participants will have to send a project proposal, from the field in which they belong, a project that they want to carry out in the near future.

-future participants must master the English language at an intermediate level (written, spoken, listened, understood), as the entire working visit will be conducted in English.

2.3. The registration form can be accessed on the “Roma’s Stories” project website –, as well as on social media, see art 4.2. and 4.3.

2.4. The application deadline is September 10, 2023.

Art. 3. During the five days of Job Shadowing, the participants will have the opportunity to take part in different study modules, aimed at deepening their knowledge in the fields in which they work.

3.1. Workshops aimed at developing knowledge and skills for the allocation and management of financial and human resources will be organized, as well as to facilitate the gathering of new information that can be implemented in the area of cultural industries.

3.2. A series of face-to-face meetings will be planned with associations working in cultural projects or creative, social and inclusive industries, with a view to creating potential collaboration.

3.3. The creation of networking in the field of activity will be facilitated, as well as the delivery of knowledge in the field of cultural entrepreneurship, for example how to draw up a plan for an event in this field.

Art. 4. In order to participate in this project, those wishing to register are encouraged to register as follows:

4.1. On the official page of the “Roma’s Stories” project, in the “Job Shadowing” section, namely

4.2. On the Facebook page of the film production house, 23 FILM, namely

4.3. On the instagram page of the film production house, 23 FILM namely

4.4. Via e-mail at

Art 5. To participate in this project, certain terms and conditions must be met

in order to carry out the study visit to Iceland as quickly as possible, as follows:

5.1. Participants will have the obligation to strictly follow the schedule of the study days drawn up by the 23 FILM Production House.

5.2. Participants will receive free accommodation and meals with the mention that these are pre-arranged by 23 FILM and cannot be changed in any way. All participants, together with the project team, will have a pre-set schedule that will include both course hours/job shadowing and lunch break times, etc. It is mentioned again that it cannot be modified in any way* (see art. 7.2.).

5.3. Participants will also have free air transport, following a route pre-established by 23 FILM, from Cluj-Napoca to Iceland. The transport from the city of residence of each to Cluj-Napoca will be done at their own expense.

5.4. The participants will be obliged to send feed back material constantly via the whatsapp application and send photos of themselves during the five days of study in Reykjavik to a special group created by the 23 FILM team. Also, they will give their consent that all the materials in which they appear (photo, video, etc.) can be used within the “Roma’s Stories” project. At the end of the visit, they will each give an interview about their entire Job Shadowing experience in Iceland.

5.5. After signing the participation contract, it will not be possible to withdraw from the “Roma’s Stories” program for any reason, except in case of force majeure. Otherwise, all travel and accommodation costs will be paid.

Art 6. Participation in this program implies the consent of the participants that their personal data will be retrieved and stored by the organizer in the event of potential information.

6.1. The organizer will not transmit personal data except to the companies involved in the organization of the program. Participants are guaranteed the rights provided by Law no. 677/2001 regarding the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data, regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

6.2. In order to exercise the above-mentioned rights, the person involved can request this from the organizer via an e-mail written in the contact form on the “Roma’s Stories” project website:

Art 7. The organizers are obliged to comply with the provisions of this regulation in order to register, admit and conduct throughout the job shadowing period.

7.1. The organizer reserves the right to suspend the activity of any participant in the event

non-compliance with the conditions imposed by this regulation.

7.2. The organizer reserves the rights to the entire program of the study visit. If there are any unforeseen changes during the program, the participants will be notified in advance.

7.3. This regulation ends today, 21.08.2023.




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